Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahamatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Distance learning, e-learning and online education is rapidly becoming the way of the future since they free you and your child to learn from your own home or wherever you are, under your direct supervision.

Many professional educators have deep reservations about the compulsory education system that developed during the Industrial Revolution under the specific historical situation of the Western world. Such professionals have found that, with guidance, parents can teach their children better, faster and with more care than schools can. As a result "homeschooling" is rapidly developing as a "thinking parents' alternative" to compulsory schooling. Gradually, it is gaining recognition in standard academic circles so that now many colleges accept homeschoolers.

Reclaiming your child through homeschooling

  • homeschooling saves the eight hours a day of school work and allows your child to spend time with you.
  • school hours are flexible so you can accommodate for family schedules and vacations.
  • the program is not forced on to you by any public body or institution: We develop it in partnership with the parents of the students.
  • parents are natural teachers for their children and as they teach the children's respect for their parents continues to grow.
  • your child receives individual attention and instruction.

Our Role in helping you teach your child

we will be counsellors in this teaching program.
we will work with the students to develop a sense of responsibility as they work to
become successful
our carefully researched two tear, bilingual program will ensure that the teaching meets
the most rigorous academic standards in both secular and Islamic subjects.
our research will ensure that the teaching program leads to developing the finest
Islamic social
and cultural values in the students.
we will select the best from internationally renowned secular curricula throughout
the world.
• we will select authentic Islamic material developed for each level of schooling.

Why homeschool with YMOH at Targheeb Young Momins' Online Homeschool?

• it is absolutely free.




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