Memorising the Quran is easy and 11 step

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Author: Moderation International Institute

I ask Allah to elevate you all with the Quran in this world and the hereafter.

This is a reminder & advice regarding memorising the Noble words of our Lord.




To make your dream come true in memorising the Quran:

1 Take the necessary causes by learning from a qualified teacher or enrolling in a  reputable local Quran school so you can be corrected on your recitation mistakes so you do not memoirse the Quran with mistakes and  read the words of Allah wrong.

2 Quran needs your time and devotion so create a timetable and organise your life and responsibilities and give up un-necassary acts which you do and decrease your time in socializing and actions which waist your time.

3 Allocate  a time daily to memorizing and listening to the Quran as well as a separate daily to review past memorisation outside of class time, for example: morning memorise and evening allocated to review past memorisation, you can also review during your sunnah prayers recite the surahs your memorised in your prayer, doing this consistently; do not let a day go by without reviewing your past memorisation. I stress you should not only review in class, you have to allocate time outside of class for reviewing so the memorisation does not gather upon you and forget the past parts you have memorised. Your teachers should guide you in class but this is just a reminder.

4 During your journey in memorising the Quran hold tight onto the rope of patiencebecause knowledge does not come over a period of day or night or weeks and stay positive and beware of the whispers of the Shaytaan because He will always try to divert you from the words of your Lord as only goodness will happen to you by learning the Quraan and the shaytaan  can not bare the Quran!

Reciting the Quran will divert the shaytaan and evil away from you.

5 Always renew your intention, why am I learning the Quran? why do I want to memorise it? Remember you are doing this to elevate your status in Jannah and to gather good deeds to put on your good scales on the day of Judgement and that you want to learn to recite the Quran the way it was revealed following the way of the Messenger peace be upon him and that you want to serve Allah's Religion by teaching it once you have learned.

6 Increase in supplication when you find it challenging, it will be at start! the shaytaan will be at an inner war with you but after being persistent and supplication to Allah he the Shaytaan will leave you and you will find it easy.

Easy!! you may ask? Yes, easy my noble sister in faith.

Remember Allah's promise that He made this Quran easy to remember, He said:

" And we have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember, then is there anyone who will remember (or receive admonition)? Surah Al-Qamar Verse 17

So whoever finds it hard, then they must search within themselves and look at any sins they must be doing and try and stop doing them because sins weaken memory and also prevent us from gaining the blessings of our Lord as the scholars explained. Focus always on strengthening your sincerity.

7 Strive  more daily, the verses of Allah will not be poured into you, you have to allocate time daily and be persistent in memorising and reviewing. The more you review the pages the more strong your memorisation will be stronger by the permission of Allah.

8 Read Tafseer explanation of the Quran. Before memorising the page read the explanation of the verse on that page and keep a note book specifically for that and write in summary the meaning of the verses and beneficial points so you memorise with understand. There is the explanation of Ibn Katheer available in English. I recommend this greatly. This will aid you to memorise and at the same time you will seek more knowledge and understand the words of your  Lord as well as memorising them.

9 Do all this whilst relying in Allah for aid and success and ease because Allah does not break His promise. He made this Quran easy to remember! we just have to work on our sincerity!

10 Be positive always. Remember my dear sisters in faith nothing in life comes easy! Instead on focusing on negativeness be positive ad focus on the reward you are piling by reciting every letter!

11 Take day by day, do not keep flicking through the pages in the rest of the Quran to see how much you have left to memorise!. You may think how can I do this! and you will feel it is too much and hard to acheive and then give up! or start becoming less motivated because the path will seem so long. But you will reach that day insha-allah and join the family of the Quran who have memorised the book of Allah. Just take day by day and focus on the very pages you have to memorise and try to forget about tomorrow. What guarantees us we will see the sun rise tomorrow.

Just focus on doing as much good as you can in your day and if you live to see tomorrow you will do what Allah has decreed for you. This is from the reasons why people lead to stress in general and depression! worrying too much about the future in this world in regards to wealth, health family, problems! Instead of putting their energy in taking the necessary causes to deal with their affairs and relying and putting their trust in Allah the All-mighty who has the complete Attributes who is aware of their situation and the disposer of the affairs of the believers; who never sleeps or eats or gets tired and nothing is impossible for Him the All-Great.

So take day by day in all that you do, this does not mean you do not plan for your future. You do, but just not be attached to your plans and attach your heart to Allah. This is how the Messenger peace be upon him lived his life, like everyday was his last. If we knew that today was our last day we would fillour time with what is pleasing to our Lord and fear Him in everything we do; towards our spouse, children, parents, friends, neighbors and our hearts would be less attached to this deceiving world and more attached to what Allah has installed for us!

May Allah attach our hearts to Him!

If we only turned to the Quran and Sunnah in all aspects of our life we would live happy and peaceful during our journey in this short world.

Truly if we are not patient in getting closer to Allah and worshiping Him and learning His religion  we will have to be patient  in being ignorant and sinning.

Like one of the Salaf said: "The soul is a disobey-er and sinner if you do not busy it with obedience(to Allah) it will busy you with sin!" Memorising and teaching the Quran and seeking knowledge in general will protect you from sinning as you will have no time remaining after devoting the time in your life to seeking it. Look at the people of sins and dunya,  how they are patient upon committing sin, for en example sitting long ours watching films which do not  make them rich or benefit them! and spending ours listening to music; the speech of man and the  instruments of shaytaan? without complaining or saying it is difficult to memorise the singers words!

How is that we spend so much time on socialising and on unnecessary speech daily with friends and family either directly or online  and reading the news or articals and books without questioning the amount of time we spend on doing this or getting inpatient from hours of non beneficial speech.

But when it comes to the speech of our Lord we make hundred of excuses to not listen or read it in our daily lives and memorise it and follow its teachings and it is for our own benefit to strengthen our eeman and gather much rewards.

We can find time for the dunya and worldly knowledge but when it comes to the Quran committing 2-5 hours it is too much to commit to Quran or any Islamic knowledge, however when in academic school, college, university you have to spend 6-8hrs daily of onsite commitment then commitment outside of school on homework, essays preparation of exams and for the book of Allah snd the sunnah of our Messenger peace be upon him we question the time that we have to allocate to it and become busy and our schedule becomes full of commitments and not willing to make sacrifices, but for the Dunya to get a worldly certificate willing to sacrifice days and nights for years of your life to get a better position in this world.

But how about your postiion in Jannah? Your eternal home, have you not though of ways how you can elevate your position there?

Memorising the Quran will take you to a better position in Jannah. As you knowin the Hadeeth sahih the person who memorised the Quran in this world and(acted upon it) will be asked to recite from memory, as he recites from memoryhe keeps raising in Jannah!! to a better place and he/she stops at the place theystopped in their memorisation. This is the great benefit and purpose of memorising the Quran. Memorising the Quran is your elevator in Jannah! So why not get on the elevator in this world to raise you in the next whilst the door is open for you?

This is indeed from the shaytaan to divert us from the words of Allah and also due to our lack of sincerity like our Shaikh AlBaani said the reason why a few memorise the Quran is due to lack of sincerity in seeking knowledge.

This Quran is the last revelation we have and our path to Jannah our salvation.We should take all the necessary means to learn, understand and apply it in our daily lives and spread its teachings.

We should try more in following the footsteps of the Messenger peace be upon him who is wife Aaisha (may Allah be pleased with her ) said in sahih Hadeeth narrated in Bukhari "His character was the Quran"

May Allah make the Quran our Aqeedah & Character! may Allah strengthen our eeman for indeed we are weak without Him. May He not make this temporary world a distraction from working towards the eternal life.

...........There is a Quran software to use for practicing on Quran outside of lesson time for reviewing and listening to better their recitation. I advice the Quran students to used both these tools during their Quranic studies:

http://quran.ksu.edu.sa (Created by King Saud University)

It has a memorisation assessment tool where you can select what section from the Noble Quran you want to memorise or review memorisation. You then click on 'question' and  it selects for you one  verse from the page and makes the rest of the page blank and then you have to complete from your memory, if you forget whilst memorising you place your mouse on the page and different verses will show on the page to help you remember, I advice that you record yourself on your computer or recorder or tape whilst doing this. When you finish reviewing the page it has an option 'answer' when clicking on it the whole page of the Quran will show so you can read if you memorised correctly. If you recorded yourself you can play back and check and I advice to keep a note book for your memorisation and the section you hear yourself finding difficulty in remembering write the verse down so you know where your weakness is in the page and can focus on reviewing it. The method on the software is the same method Quran teachers use to test Quran students on their memorisation its a method which aids the strengthening of the memorisation of the Quran by the permission of Allah.

There is also another  very beneficial software called Quran Tracker in the English Language from another site:


Which aims by the permission of Allah to act as a mean to aid one's Quran studies by way of keeping track of one's memorisation and revision, the format of the software allows you plan your memorisation and revision, students at the Institue should only follow the amount of memorisation allocated by the Institute in your lesson by your Quran teachers. The software also gives you choice of different reciters to listen to. I  advise students to use this software for their Quran studies and direct you to only listen to Shaikh Husri or Shaikh Minshawi  (May Allah have mercy upon them both) as their recitation is very clear and are from the Quran Scholars whose recitation are the closest in accuracy to the recitation of the Prophet peace be upon him.

(Please note I do NOT give reference or recommend the Islamic knowledge which they may send on their site or  promote on external social links on their website, my recommendation is for the beneficial Quran tracker tool/software only)  May Allah reward them for this great service to the Muslims.

May Allah grant you all aid and success in memorising His words and grant us the understanding of the Quran. May Allah grant us sincerity in learning His Book and spreading it so His speech can be the highest of speech. May Allah make the Quran a cause of bringing us closer to our Lord and entering into Jannah.

May Allah make the Quran the Joy of our hearts and the healing of our pain and sorrow.

"O mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord (Qur'aan) enjoining all that is good and forbidding all that is evil and a healing for that which is in your breasts, a guidance and a mercy for the believers." (Soorah Yunus: 57)

I hope in Allah this little advice/direction has helped the students in their goal in memorising the Noble Quran.

Written by your sister in faith of much sins and shortcomings and who hopes in the mercy of her Lord:

أسماء بوحدو أم سلمان المغربية

معهد الوسطية النسائي العالمي لتحفيظ القرءان لغير الناطقات باللغة العربية

مجازة في القراءات العشر بسند متصل بالرسول

Asma Bouhaddou, Ummu Salmaan El-Maghribiyyah (Morocco)

Head of the Moderation International Quran Institute for Women.

Certified (Ijaazah) in Ten Qaira'aat with Quran chains transmitted to the Messenger.

Student of the Scholar Shaikh Hasan Marzooq Al-Banna, Egypt.





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